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The Game

Volley For Two is an action packed physics based volleyball game for the Commodore 128. It is inspired by the old DOS game Arcade Volleyball from 1987. The game was developed during 15 months in 2019-2020.

Two human players play one-on-one against each other in volleyball with mostly standard rules. The game consists of a downloadable diskette image for either 1541, 1571 or 1581, but works on other Commodore DOS compatible drives as well. It supports turbo loading and slightly better visual presentation during loading on either 1541, 1570, 1571, 1581, CMD HD or CMD FD drives. Other drives may need the built-in kernal loading fallback mechanism.

Dual Screens

The game supports two monitors. The 40 column output will show the gameplay and the 80 column output will show a score board.

Both NTSC and PAL are supported, with equal gameplay.


The game is controlled with keyboard (two keysets) or one or two joysticks.

Volley For Two gameplay movie


If a compatible memory expansion is connected, the game can be configured to use it for replays. The gameplay is recorded in the background to allow rewinding and playback in slow motion after each round. The supported expansions are:

Emulator Support

The base game without replay works in Z64k and VICE. None of them are fully supporting all the features of the game (at the date of release). All features should be working on real hardware but there's no guarantee that it works in emulation. Also note that the input latency is much worse in a modern computer.

The Team

Kollektivet is a loosely coupled game collective that has been making retro games since 2012. This production was brought to you by:

Per Bengtsson (cartridge hardware design)
Mikkel Hastrup (music and sound effects)
Jonas Hultén (programming)
Anders Larsson (graphics)

Cartridge Release

Volley For Two can now also be started from a cartridge! The hardware was designed by Per Bengtsson and was inspired by the Magic Desk cartridge. To make your own cartridge, you need to build an open source Magic Desk 128 cartridge and flash it with the image in the download section below. You can also download a cartridge label for printing and a reference image to see how it should look.

The cartridge version lacks support for GeoRAM since it will interfere with the game cartridge. SuperCPU RAM works and REU also if you connect it through a cartridge expander.

After the VICE team added support for the Magic Desk 128 cartridge format and Per Bengtsson making a .crt image, this version can now be played in VICE as well!

Cartridge Shop

A handful of complete cartridges will be available for sale through Per Bengtsson's Tradera account.


d64 image
d71 image
d81 image
Raw Magic Desk 128 image
Magic Desk 128 cartridge image (for emulators)

Volley For Two screenshot
PAL screenshots from both screens